A non-profit hackerspace in London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge.

Visit us on a Tuesday

We hold open evenings every Tuesday from 7pm where members and non-members hang out, hack on projects, socialise, and collaborate. Learn more.

Status Update (2024-07-03): London Hackspace is now open again to members!

We're still not finished - major construction work is done for a while but there's plenty still to do building workbenches, unpacking equipment and cabling ACNodes. Ask around for ways you can help while you're in working on projects.
Please stay in touch & abreast of developments via Discord/mailing list etc

To get an Orientation and unlock your 24/7 access, keep in touch via our Discord Guild for announcements.


We host a variety of events covering topics from electronics to brewing and biohacking to lockpicking. For more details, see our events calendar.


Our members have a hand in the running of the organisation as well as 24/7 access to the space. Pay us what you think is fair — join London Hackspace.


We're a cash-strapped non-profit and the cost of renting a space in London is extortionate. Please help us out by donating money or equipment.


Our "interim" address is:

41–43 Standard Road
Park Royal
NW10 6HF

Convenient transport links. On-street parking available; day pass for ASDA car park purchasable as last resort.